Look # 498


Hair: =DeLa*=  Mesh Hair "Ren" All colors @ Good Vibes New!
Sunglasses:  [Z O O M] Daalin Glasses  @ Good Vibes New!
Swimwear: Eclipse Design ED. Priscilla Pink @ Good Vibes New!
MadPea Water Bottle - Rose (add) @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!
MadPea Plumeria Lei (add) @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!


Hair: Modulus - Sergio Hat & Hair - FatPack @ Summerfest New!
Tee: <Kalback> Summer Tee_FULLPACK @ Man Cave New!
Short: <Kalback> Summer Shorts_FULLPACK @ Summerfest New!


tarte. beach lights @ Summerfest New!

Serenity Style- Summer Essentials @ PocketGacha New!
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Canopy RARE
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Towels
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Bag DECOR

ionic : Everyday @ PocketGacha New!
ionic : IM OK
ionic : Beach Flip - Flops  (light)

[IK] Beach Day @ PocketGacha New!
[IK] Beach Day - Inner Tube PG
[IK] Beach Day - Lifesaver
[IK] Beach Day - Stacked Chairs A
[IK] Beach Day - Umbrella A
[IK] Beach Day - Umbrella C
[IK] Beach Day - Ball

MadPea Beach Hut @ Madpea Summer Hunt
MadPea Flamingo Neon Lamp @ Madpea Summer Hunt
MadPea Octopus Ring Toss @ Madpea Summer Hunt

Soy. German Hooded Beach Chair [Resizable ver.] @ Collabor88 New!

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