Look # 508


Hair: [monso] My Hair - Chowon @ Kustom9 New!
Sunglasses: [Z O O M] K&C Glasses @ Access Event New!
Swimsuit: tarte. x stories & co. - amanda swimsuit / maitreya - yellow (gacha price) @ The Epiphany  New!
Slushie: Stealthic x Toksik - 16. TKS Slushie (Cherry) (Gacha price)


Hair: Modulus - Benji Hair @ Fameshed Go New!
Short: Fashionnatic - ROCCO SHORTS FATPACK @ Man Cave New!

-ANHELO- M43RB-17AGA :: food trailer (rusty blue)
-ANHELO- G06-06-185GA :: vending machine

tarte. x stories & co. - lazy day hammock RARE @ The Epiphany  New!

..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! - Gacha Set @ Man Cave New!
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Watermelon Handcart ULTRARARE
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Camp Folding Table - Clean
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Red Plastic Chair
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! White Plastic Chair
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Score Board
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Watermelon For Friends
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Slices Of Watermelon
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Thor Soda
..::THOR::.. ANGURIA! Thor Soda Spilled


Look # 507


Hair: TRUTH / Halona
Top: ::C'est la vie !:: Febe Tankini top (mustard) - Maitreya
Short: ::C'est la vie !:: Febe Tankini (#2) Bottoms - Maitreya


Hair:  Stealthic - Reach
Top: Fashionnatic - ALEX TOP FATPACK
Jeans: Legal Insanity - Owen skinny jeans FATPACK


Seven Emporium 7  - Jesus Saves Star Cross RARE (copy)

Eleventh Hour: Century Lounge Chair (Chocolate)

Frappe: Stealthic x Toksik - 16. TKS Slushie (Cherry) (Gacha price)


KraftWork Chelsea Rain . Rooftop Floor


Look # 506

Hair:  TRUTHxL&B / Parker without Cap
Top: Blueberry - Vicky - Ruffle Top - Fat Pack
Shorts: Blueberry - Vicky - Lounge Shorts - Fat Pack


tarte. macrame hanging chair @ Collabor88 New!


Look # 505


Hair: Stealthic - Cadence (Bento Fitted)
Bang:  Stealthic - Bangs (Airy B) @ Crystal Heart New!
Necklace:  EF: Concord Necklace @ Fameshed New!
Romper: !Rebel Hope - Rosie Romper  Rebel Pack @ Fameshed New!
Rings:  MINIMAL - Break Bento Rings @ Fameshed New!


Shirt: etham - Bruce Shirt @ Fameshed New!
Pants: <kalback> Original Chino_FULLPACK


Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Bar @ Fameshed New!
Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Empty
Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Barstool
Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Bar Standalone + Props PG
Trompe Loeil - Corazon Corner Fountain

MadPea Bow Bells Boozer
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Strong Ale Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Pale Ale Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer India Pale Ale Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Beer Pumps
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Creme De Menthe
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Whiskey Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer White Wine Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Gin Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Brandy Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Cocktail Shaker Prop


Look # 504

Hair: Lamb. Honey - Fatpack @ Fameshed New!
Sunglasses: [Z O O M] Lissa Cat Glasses
Blouse: Vinyl - Kygo Off Shoulder Top pak Fatpak @ Fameshed New!
Jeans: Blueberry - Ashberry - Tied Up Jeans - Blogger Pack New!


Tank: Ohemo - Erik tank top - FATPACK
@ Fameshed New!
 Jeans: RIOT / Yuri Torn Jeans @ Fameshed New!


Look # 503

Hair: TRUTH Jamie - Fatpack New!
Dress: ::C'est la vie !:: Lene Dress (FATPACK) @ Summerfest New!
Glasses: anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [glasses] SILVER
Bag: :: D-Style - Bucket Bag w.HUD ::
Necklace: EF: Sequoia Necklace - Medium
Bracelets:  **RE** Anvoir Bracelet - R


Look # 502

Hair: Stealthic - Paradox (Complete Package)
Bang:  Stealthic - Bangs (Airy A) @ Crystal Heart New!
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Yourun Summer Glasses @ Fameshed New!
Dress: neve dress - helen @ Fameshed New!

Hair: Modulus - Connor Hair - FatPack @ Fameshed New!  
Hoodie: <Kalback> Sport Hoodie #P1+P2 @ TMD New!

MadPea GOFBB Gacha
MadPea GOFBB Cooking Pot
MadPea GOFBB Bowl of Flour
MadPea GOFBB Tin of Baking Powder
MadPea GOFBB Rolling Pin
MadPea GOFBB Broken Eggs
MadPea GOFBB Spatula
MadPea GOFBB Measuring Spoons
MadPea GOFBB Recipe Book
MadPea GOFBB Whisk


Look # 501

Hair: TRUTH Jamie - Fatpack New!
Top: *Just BECAUSE* Kandy Swimsuit - FatPack @ Fameshed Go New!
Short: Vinyl - Author Denim Shorts Pak Fatpak @ Uber New!


Culprit Prrranda Tommy
Culprit Prrranda Paul

Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker Bed (Adult)
Eleventh Hour: I Love NY Deco
Eleventh Hour: Subway Sign
Eleventh Hour: The New Yorker Nightstand ( Blank)

KraftWork Polygonal Frame @ Illuminate Event New!


Look # 500


Hair: Navy+Copper - Pancake FatPack @ Summerfest New!
Hat: Rowe Hat - Red - Modulus
Top: Vinyl - Mere Boho Top Pak Fatpak @ Summerfest New!
Necklace: Eliya.K - Dulhan Necklace @ Good Vibes New!


Hair: Vango. Billy_Browns
Shirt: ::GB:: Gabriel Henry Neck Summer shirt / FATPACK @ Uber New!


[kunst]  - Fresh Soda Club @ PocketGacha New!
.01 [ kunst ] - Soda stand RARE
.02 [ kunst ] - Stand's wall panel
.04 [ kunst ] - Cold-Cola cans
.05 [ kunst ] - Spike cans
.06 [ kunst ] - Panta cans
.07 [ kunst ] - Dr Pervert cans
.08 [ kunst ] - Wooden chalkboard
.11 [ kunst ] - Ice chest / dispenser RARE
.12 [ kunst ] - Ice chest / red
.13 [ kunst ] - Ice chest / green
.14 [ kunst ] - Ice chest / blue
.15 [ kunst ] - Grandma's cash box
.16 [ kunst ] - Cold-Cola can
.16 [ kunst ] - Dr Pervert can
.18 [ kunst ] - Panta can waste
.18 [ kunst ] - Dr Pervert can waste

tarte. potted plants & garden lights @ Uber New!
tarte. garden lights (straight)
tarte. ficus elastica
tarte. snake plant
tarte. fiddle leaf fig


Look # 499

Hair: Moon. Hair. // Summer Breeze @ Summerfest New!
Bikini: The Secret Store - Naia Bikini - Fatpack @ Summerfest New!
Nails: alaskametro<3 "Malibu" nail art darker - Maitreya manicure HUD @ Summerfest New!
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Dorika Bag
Pose: an lar [poses] The Laura Series - Four @ Summerfest New!


Look # 498


Hair: =DeLa*=  Mesh Hair "Ren" All colors @ Good Vibes New!
Sunglasses:  [Z O O M] Daalin Glasses  @ Good Vibes New!
Swimwear: Eclipse Design ED. Priscilla Pink @ Good Vibes New!
MadPea Water Bottle - Rose (add) @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!
MadPea Plumeria Lei (add) @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!


Hair: Modulus - Sergio Hat & Hair - FatPack @ Summerfest New!
Tee: <Kalback> Summer Tee_FULLPACK @ Man Cave New!
Short: <Kalback> Summer Shorts_FULLPACK @ Summerfest New!


tarte. beach lights @ Summerfest New!

Serenity Style- Summer Essentials @ PocketGacha New!
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Canopy RARE
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Towels
Serenity Style- Summer Essentials Bag DECOR

ionic : Everyday @ PocketGacha New!
ionic : IM OK
ionic : Beach Flip - Flops  (light)

[IK] Beach Day @ PocketGacha New!
[IK] Beach Day - Inner Tube PG
[IK] Beach Day - Lifesaver
[IK] Beach Day - Stacked Chairs A
[IK] Beach Day - Umbrella A
[IK] Beach Day - Umbrella C
[IK] Beach Day - Ball

MadPea Beach Hut @ Madpea Summer Hunt
MadPea Flamingo Neon Lamp @ Madpea Summer Hunt
MadPea Octopus Ring Toss @ Madpea Summer Hunt

Soy. German Hooded Beach Chair [Resizable ver.] @ Collabor88 New!


Look # 497


Hair: MINA - Lianne - All colors  @ Good Vibes New!
Blouse: Vinyl - Tov Blouse Pak Fatpak
Choker:  CODEX_CHOKER STEPHANY @ Good Vibes New!
Pose: BellePoses - Kauane 2 (with ukulele) @ Good Vibes New!


Hair: Modulus - James Hair - FatPack @ Fameshed Go New!
Shirt: Fashionnatic  - RENG SHIRT FATPACK @ Man Cave New!


::C'est la vie !:: Meow Bag

Fapple - Angel Oak Living Room @ Pocket Gacha New!
*Fapple- Angel Oak Cuddle Sofa RARE
*Fapple- Angel Oak Book Shelves
*Fapple- Angel Oak Wine Cart
*Fapple- Angel Oak Multi Sit Femdom Themed
*Fapple- Arch with Gem Curtain
*Fapple- Angel Oak Clock
*Fapple- Angel Oak Side Table
*Fapple- Shakespeare Tullips
*Fapple- Cigar on Ashtray

KraftWork - Pranzo in Lucca @ Deco(C)rate New!
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Un Tavolo nel Giardino (ALL)
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Assortito di Formaggio
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Piatto Verde
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Piatto Rosso
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Bichieri
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Pomodori in Conserva
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Olive in Conserva
KraftWork Pranzo in Lucca Boteglie di Vino

MadPea Garden Tic Tac Toe @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!

Eleventh Hour: Bear Bookcase


Look # 496


Hair: {Limerence} Dominika hair-Fatpack @ Good Vibes New!
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Hexan Glasses @ TMD New!
Top: Vinyl - Reija Lace Cami Pak FATPAK @ Fameshed Go New!
Jeans: Blueberry - DWL Jeans - Capri Jeans - Maitreya


tarte. stone path - assembled A (marble)  @ Collabor88 New!
tarte. pathway lights (tall) dark  @ Collabor88 New!


Look # 495

Hair: Stealthic - Avela (Complete Package) @ Collabor88 New!
Sunglasses: MadPea Summer Sunglasses @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!
Dress: Blueberry - Danni - Corset Dress New!
Ankle jewerly: * Stelloane Precious Shells L anklet @ Good Vibes New!

Pose with float: + Occult +swimming pool buoy POSE 2 - V3 "Floor"  @ Good Vibes New!


Look # 494


Hair: TRUTH x L&B / Parker without Cap
Sunglasses: [Z O O M] Leev Glasses @ Fameshed New!
Top & choker: *COCO*_OneShoulderTop+Choker (Yellow) @ Fameshed New!

Jeans: Vinyl - Traveler Jeans Pak Fatpak @ N21 New!
Bracelet: EF: Apollonia Bracelet - LEFT @ Fameshed New!


Hair: tram H0419 hair / FATPACK
Blazer: etham - Cole Blazer - All Colors @ Fameshed New!
Joggers: <kalback> Original Joggers_FULLPACK @ TMD New!
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots - Brown


Look # 493


Hair: [monso] - Miyeon @ Fameshed New!
Sunglasses:  Mulloy - Fontan Glasses (Boxed) @ Fameshed New!
Bikini: -NARCISSE- Ridley Bikini FATPACK @ Fameshed New!
Necklace: MadPea Silver Pineapple Necklace @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!


Hair: Vango. Billy_Browns @ Uber New!


Raindale - Allington patio table with lights

MadPea Pool Lounger @ Madpea Summer Hunt (June 13th to 27th) New!

MadPea Floatie Ice Cream
MadPea Crocodile Float

Seven Emporium 7 - Inner Tube Float
Seven Emporium 7 - Transistor Radio T907

dust bunny  . coconut drink
dust bunny  . pineapple drink

BUENO -Chips and Guacamole

{BE} kroket and Fries
{BE} Fish and chips

Refuge - Spring Gala Table Light White
Refuge - Spring Gala Table Light Yellow
Refuge - Spring Gala Table Light Blue


Look # 492


Hair:  TRUTH - Cerys
Top:  Blueberry - Fye - Ruched Tops  - Fat Pack New!
Short: Vinyl - Olivia Shorts Pak FATPAK @ Fameshed New!


Hair:  Modulus - Ricky Hair @ Fameshed New!
Tee: [ hoorenbeek ] Crew Neck Tee - Signature Gianni New!
Jeans: [ hoorenbeek ] Slim Fit Jeans - Signature Gianni - Full Pack New!


JIAN Leopard Gecko :: Placer @ Fameshed New!

-ANHELO- - midwest garage gachakey @ The Arcade New!
--ANHELO-G06-01-185GA :: house RARE
--ANHELO-G06-04-185GA :: no smoking
--ANHELO-G06-03-185GA :: service station
--ANHELO-G06-05-185GA :: garage sign (texacc)
--ANHELO-G06-05-185GA :: garage sign (autolife)
--ANHELO-G06-06-185GA :: vending machine

Little Branch LB_TulipTree{Animated}Seasons @ Fameshed New!
Little BranchLB_Hill-v1{Low Li} @ Fameshed New!

Car: [Con.] The Convertible -  Katya RARE @ The Arcade New!


Look # 491

Hair:  Stealthic - Paradox (Complete Package)
Dress:  Vinyl - Lauve Utility Dress @ Uber New!

::C'est la vie !:: Aino Bag Gacha (yellow) (Wereable)
KraftWork Landscaper Mood Board @ Fameshed New!
Eleventh Hour: Bear Bookcase
Eleventh Hour: Century Lounge Chair (Vanilla)
Eleventh Hour: Century Lounge Chair (Chocolate)


Look # 490


Head: [LeLutka] Bento Head- Greer
Hair: #Besom~Toltec  @ @ N21 New!
Glasses: [Z O O M] Dio'ho Glasses @ MOM New!


Hair: Modulus - William Hair - FatPack  @ Man Cave New!

Sign: Group Gift: KraftWork Cali Way GIFT Knot&Co


Look # 489


Hair: TRUTH Bloom - Fatpack @ Uber New!
Top with bra: Blueberry - Rie - Wet Shirts - Fat Pack  New!
Short: Blueberry - Babe Shorts New!


Short: <Kalback>  Original Shorts_FULLPACK
Towel: BlankLine ::AfterBath::NeckTowel [White]


tarte. Old Camper @ Uber New!

tarte. Outdoor boho @ Collabor88 New!
tarte. tire swing

MadPea Beach Grill

MadPea Bow Bells Boozer India Pale Ale Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Bitter Bottle